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 Lushan is one of the top ten famous mountains in China. It is located in Lushan City, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province.
Between 115 ° 52′-116 ° 8′E, and 29 ° 26′-29 ° 41′N. Poyang Lake in the east and Poyang Lake in the east, Tengwang Pavilion in the south,
the Beijing-Kowloon Railway in the west, and the Yangtze River in the north. It is about 25 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide.

Its main peak is Hanyang Peak, with an altitude of 1474 meters. The mountain is elliptical in shape, with a typical basement-type fault block mountain.Lushan is world-renowned for its majesty, wonder, danger, and show.It is a world cultural heritage, a world geological park, a national key scenic spot, a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction, China's top ten famous mountains, China's top ten most famous mountains, national key cultural relics protection units, four major summer resorts in China, and the first batch of national civilization scenic tourist areas Demonstration point.Lushan has 171 peaks named since ancient times. Between the peaks, there are 26 Ganglings, 20 valleys, 16 caves, and 22 strange rocks. Water currents develop rifts in the valley, forming many rapids and waterfalls, 22 waterfalls, 18 creeks, and 14 lakes and lakes. The most famous Sandiequan Falls, with a drop of 155 meters, has the beautiful sentence of "less than Sandiequan, not Lushanke".