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2020 China International Hardware Exhibition & 2020 China Hardware Exhibition
 2020 China International Hardware Exhibition & 2020 China Hardware Exhibition
Exhibition introduction:
The 34th China International Hardware Expo is scheduled to be held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from March 30 to April 1, 2020.
China International Hardware Expo has devoted more than 60 years to the hardware and electrical industry, becoming the "wind vane" leading the Chinese hardware and electrical industry and the leader of the hardware industry brand exhibition. Every spring, China International Hardware Expo held in Shanghai focuses on the development of hardware and electromechanical brand enterprises and the whole industry. The 33rd China International Hardware Expo held in April 2019 was once again a complete success, and all indicators of the Expo ranked first in the industry exhibition.
At present, the global economy is in a period of deep adjustment. China's economic structural reform has entered a critical stage. Whoever can take the lead in completing the structural reform and upgrading will be able to obtain the development opportunities in the next stage. Therefore, hardware and electrical enterprises should be keen to see the industry opportunities and change and innovate their business models. The 34th China International Hardware Expo will continue to help hardware and electrical enterprises transform and upgrade, and seize the opportunity.
Most of all, it's a good spring. The hardware Festival welcomes guests. The 34th China International Hardware Expo and the majority of hardware and electrical enterprises work together to build an open win-win platform and seek opportunities for industry development.

Scope of exhibits:
1. Hand tools: traditional hand tools, explosion-proof tools, automobile protection tools, garden tools, toolbox bags, measuring tools;
2. Electric tools: traditional electric tools, accessories of electric tools;
3. Pneumatic apparatus: traditional pneumatic apparatus, accessories of pneumatic apparatus;
4. Mechanical equipment: carpentry, garden, cleaning, packaging, lifting, spraying, hydraulic, metal processing and lifting sling;
5. Welding equipment: electric welding equipment and equipment, gas welding and gas cutting equipment, welding materials, welding accessories;
6. Mechanical and electrical products: pumps, air compressors, motors, generators, bearings;
7. Abrasive Abrasives: abrasive Abrasives, cutting tools, diamond products;
8. Hardware products: architecture, decoration, doors and windows, plumbing, bathroom, castors, standard fasteners and other hardware and sundries;
9. Manufacturing equipment: forging equipment, heat treatment equipment, finishing equipment, packaging equipment, logistics equipment, others;
10. Other products: safety protection, labor protection appliances, electrical materials, business services, media.